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Welcome To The Hillside Landscaping Blog. Inspiration, Ideas, And Expert Advice On The Following Topics: Landscape Design, Landscape Build, Landscape Maintenance, Organic Lawn Care & Lawn Care Services.



There ARE significant differences between organic and chemical fertilizers in terms of nutrient availability and the long-term effects on soil, plants, and the environment. So how does a conscientious gardener decide? Read more and let Hillside Landscaping help you make that decision...

10 Organic Lawn Care Benefits

10 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care | Lawn Care Tips | CT Organic Lawn Care | Hillside Landscaping Co. | Berlin, CT

Introduction To Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care treatment programs are becoming popular and accepted to local CT residents because of the ‘eco-friendly green movement’ as well the benefits that stem from organic lawn care. Organic fertilizers can be slow-acting, but they are much more beneficial to a healthy lawn. Today more & more people are switching over to organic lawn care. That begs the question, why are so many CT residents opting for organic lawn care?

Prepare the Lawn for Organic Products

There are so many benefits — to the grass, to the soil, to the humans, to the pets and to the environment that organic manure automatically scores over the chemical fertilizers. But before doing the switching, it is best to get rid of all the weeds, pests and other problems in your lawn. Hillside Landscaping has come up with a list of benefits derived from using organic lawn care treatment. Read about the benefits below:

Root Growth Improvement

Organic lawn care treatments release nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium very slowly and the grass roots absorb them slowly and in small doses. This results in the roots growing better and stronger. Also, The roots are more fibrous in nature with the result of a better-looking turf.

Improves Soil Health

Organic care will make the soil retain the moisture longer, aerate the soil better, improve the texture of the soil, enrich it and make the soil less tight and packed. The soil gets more porous, crumbly and loose.

COMPLETELY Biodegradable

Organic fertilizer is made from totally natural products. It is fully biodegradable and no harmful chemical residue is left behind.

Safe for Ecology of the Soil

Organic lawn treatment does not destroy the microbes and other organisms that exist in the soil and it does not harm the beneficial earthworm, fungi and other good bacteria which help the plants and grass greatly.

Safe for Humans and Pet

It's not a secret that chemicals can damage your lawn. However, something you may not know, dogs whose owners use 2,4-D (a common weed killer) on their lawns are twice as likely to get cancer. Also, children Living in homes where pesticides are used have higher rates of leukemia and brain cancer. 100% of Americans tested have traces of pesticides in their body fluids and tissues. Commonly sold pesticides like glyphosate (round-up) are linked to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the 2nd fastest growing cancer in the US. Organic treatment does not produce any harmful side effects on the human beings or pets who use the lawn. Keep your family safe and start your organic lawn today.

Less Pollution of Soil and Water

The organic manure is not harmful to fish, wildlife or other animals essentially because there are no concentrated excretions of nitrogen, etc, which are bio-hazardous to wildlife, fish etc. Synthetic lawn fertilizers and pesticides can run off lawns and harm streams, rivers, ponds, lakes,  and oceans.

Stays Longer in the Soil

While the chemical fertilizer gets washed away with excess watering or during rains, organic lawn treatment remains in the soil longer enriching the soil.

Improves Grass Quality

Organic treatment not only makes the grass look lush, green and thick, it strengthens its inherent defense function making it less vulnerable to pests and diseases. Organic practices also restore food webs so the organisms can provide nutrients to the plants.

No Overfeeding or ‘Burning’

These are hazards that can happen with chemical fertilizers which cannot happen with organic fertilizers. The chemical fertilizers overload the grass with nutrients which are more harmful.

Helps in Photosynthesis Process

Carbon-dioxide located in organic lawn manure releases helps in the photosynthesis process. Organic lawn care treatment is a better way of making the grass healthy and increase the vitality of soil and turf—keeping the grass free of disease and pests. It makes for a happy mixture of environmentally healthy and harmonious way to care for the lawn in the most natural way. Organic lawn thrive without synthetic chemicals and provide the peace-of-mind that we are creating a safe, healthy place for families to gather and play. For fact references, lawn tips, and the latest organic land care standards, visit NOFA at www.organiclandcare.net.

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